pure misfortune


tore my book of memories
Page by page line after line
Looking for What was once mine
Roses squashed between pages reminded me of me.
Haunted with crippled dreams.
And embearyal hopes
No Cries were heard
no tears were wiped
the moans of broken pried were barred
Oh I know no mantra can gather a trifling soul.
No healing of those rotted-fears
No new pages to redo what has been don
No such fairytales
Cinderella has no crystal shoe
Nor a charming prince.
Or a pumpkin carriage
Puled by rats wich will vanish.
by twelve o’clock
Oh no no no no.
Ashes will still fill her eyes.
Embers will still inflame under her feet no fairytales
no angels no witches
no poisoned apples
No such a thing named luck
Just a pure misfortune .

© Zara H. Mosa . All rights reserved

My Heaven( to all mothers in the world)


Those Veiny hands
symbols how hard life was.
This angelic face
With wrinkles like Accolades
You earned my dear
times I’m broken
your warm touch heals my soul.
Comfort my troubled self
And that enchanting smile.
Brightens My gloomy days
Mother , for give my letters.
They bow in shame
Your bigger than language.
I sound so lame.
How can i describe a creature.
That big
you’re the source of my.
Knowledge of everything I know
Your my backbone
Without you I’m more than crippled
I pray that. You live for ever
I need your breath to breath
I need your eyes to see.
I need you to be in this world.
heaven we dream and imagine.
All it takes is one look at you.
And I’m shore I’m already there
Your my heaven
Thanks god you are

By Zara H. Mosa , © 2013, All rights reserved.

Stubborn pride


You’ll never feel my pain
You’ll never hear my cry
I’ll curl in my cave and lie
Waiting for death to take over
This enormous rip in my heart.
Will never heal.
Don’t throw salt in my open wound!
Just go.
Take it with you
I don’t need them no more
Take the laughs hence it hurt so much.
Take music hence all I hear,
Is sorrow
Take our memories,
I can’t inhale this illusion
We are over, our story is a miscarriage
It’s hard to hold on to you
You’re so perfect for me
It seems unfair, I’m not good enough.
I’ll never be
This feeling of unworthiness
Is ripping me apart
This much I love you
This much I care
I want you with all of my being
But still, I’m not good enough
I know you said you don’t care.
You just want us close
But how can I over come
My stubborn Pride
I’m wounded my love in every possible way
I’m wounded with or without you
Didn’t I say, you I’ll never feel my pain
You’ll never hear me cry
I’ll just lie in a puddle of grieve
And hopefully die
This pain…This pain is too much to bare

By Zara H. Mosa , © 2013, All rights reserved.

Bosses mood swings


If you love your work and try so hard to master it but you hit a wall of neglect and UN appreciation what would you do? Mostly you will be between two out of two choices either you become lazy and careless employee or you continue as a hard unsatisfied employee who might become a time bomb .
Most of the big successful organizations in the world discovered that the key for a successful biasness is their very own employees if they are happy and content they will give more and become so loyal and dedicated to the company. That’s why most of these companies do the annual employee satisfaction survey just to know what their employee think or need so they can improve it more.
But some bosses and managers don’t give that matter a second thought they just do everything their way, they don’t care if the employee need support or not it might even include bullying the staff in every possible way. And no matter how much hard work that staff dose it doesn’t weigh a thing in there scale
Now I might sound exaggerating but out of personnel experience with different kind of managers I have encountered all types of personalities. Some I managed to cope with their mood swings and by the time they gave in and treated me well and some I couldn’t. You see respect is a red line boss or no boss and when someone crosses this red line everything halts and the person have to speak up and defend him/her self , in my opinion, points of view are legal all of us can explain our own but without stepping on others even if we disagree with them and in a workplace you don’t have to like people and they don’t have to like you it’s a business relationship it can be achieved with respect and a little understanding , as employees and managers we should be realistic our personnel feelings and attractions should be put aside and more so judge persons for the job they do not how they look or how we feel about them .
I discovered that working with men is much easier than working with women that’s in my place I don’t know about the other sides of the world, but man do they give you a hard time if you’re quite that means you’re sneaky and untrustworthy, they take that as a weakness and they step on you. If your loud they don’t like it either your too bold or you need to work on your behavior you really never know what to do to please them. For me I will never change myself for any one as long as I’m respectful and hardworking that what matters and it should to anyone who has a bully as a boss.