Rebellious letters

When I was young I had this urge to write , just simple words I wrote my first story when I was in intermediate level I named it ” The Last Breath ” , It was very easy to write I had my main idea so a built all the story a round it and I won the contest it was the brightest moment in my life . And I knew me and my pen will be best friends .
As I grew up poetry become a passion I really love short poems i enjoy scattering my feelings on paper I wasn’t good with techniques but I wrote from my heart and that all i need in my opinion a good poem is that one which reaches the reader don’t get me wrong techniques and styles are important but originality is a must to have factor . So writing become a daily mission , and sometimes an escape path . I developed a lot not as much as i wish but still happy how far I came . For those people out there who thinks their words ain’t worth it don’t degree your work writing is a gift share it with someone you trust then share it with the world it’s the voice if humanity each time you craft a line you record a history and history deserve to be told .


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