Plant theory

A friend of mine is looking for prince charming a man who’s decent , caring, understanding, Nobel , strong , clean , educated, and romantic .
I think all of us women are looking for this miracle guy but dreaming is one thing and reality is another , Why ?! Well dreams are just dreams there is no such complete person like that we are human beings not suppose to be perfect that would be annoying but we could be at our best as much as we try .
Mostly what the woman lack her partner completes (just like salt and pepper ) and if we come to common sense we all have our weaknesses and unwanted habits or behaviors Men or women .
Someone may ask if that’s so why do women still look for the impossible ?! Well us women are sentimental creatures we like warmth and details ( please men pay attention to details ) more so we need emotions .
An old women once said if men treated women like plants their would be no problems at all plain and simple Prepare ,Water , protect, care, then harvest ( do you think she’s right ?!) so as much as you look at her simply no need to think about her as a mathematical equation you man will have her figured-out your life will be easy and she will be happy.
Now i don’t know about that old woman but I think this generation is more complicated than the plant theory . And the battle of Adam and Eve still standing

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