Deep forest of my room


Changing bed sheets to gray
Maybe to Mach my mood
Yellow walls encloses rapidly
I hate yellow Walls
In the far corner lies a cucumber
I wonder why didn’t feast on it yet
Just left it there to rot
watching it every day
very mean of me
On other corner a can of mountain due half full
My cabinet door half open.
While my room door always closed.
Strange how human mind works
Am I looking for another-way out ?!
spend my time drinking cold coffee ,smoking cigarets it doesn’t taste the same
I used to enjoy that poison.
My hair greasy and messy ,my face oily
haven’t washed it for days
Sometimes I imagine roots growing out of my body holding me still
Under that thought I rooted in my bed
Even sleep is torture.
When waking up to this shitty reality
Death sounds promising if I just knew heaven my check point
Yet I fear to die ,having your soul
Snatched out of your throat
Not a pleasant idea
Why do we have to Los and pain to rest
Oh even rest is not granted hence hell hovers in the way
My body stif my finger tips growing yellow .
Am I turning to another wall in this room ?!
Walls are good.
They keep us safe They’ re strong
But has no well, why do We need well
My cabinet door still open.
I see horizon each time I look deep
I smell ocean breeze even taste the saltiness of sea water.
sea gulls cries in the background
I hear those fierce waves hit shores as well
Im not going back to that haunted forest I’ll never close my cabinet door
Half open ,half escape ,half more

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