what world ?

Earth is dying!

people struggling just to live another day .

future is merely a blur.

so many sorrows engulf the atmosphere 

man has unleashed his darkest side.

yet , describing the disease won’t ease the pain 

knowing the way to the doctor, won’t heal it 

illness within doors.

when human heal , this world will become well again 



beautiful monsters


Beauty.  Every body’s concern especially women . nice clothes makes us beautiful , make ups  make us beautiful ,  a good hair cut make us look beautiful , plastic surgery  makes us beautiful . we can correct what we think as errors in our selves  but are they really errors  which keep us away from perfection ? .

When we look  in the mirror each morning and feel unsatisfied with what we see first thing we think about why I’m not more beautiful ? why my nose is not straight as I want it to be? , why my lips are not smaller or bigger? , why my skin is not fair , why my body is not thinner  or  chubbier?  why I’m not taller or shorter ?. I know I did ask these questions  sometimes , until I hated myself. eventually  I stopped looking at the mirror and if I did I don’t  bother  that much  if I don’t look like the women in my dreams . that one is just a want , I want to be like , but in reality this is me with all of my imperfection  with all of my errors we can say , and what I need to do is love me as i am

Imagine if we don’t have mirrors I believe we won’t bother  about looks we will see ourselves reflected in others eyes , the human mirror  . that mirror is somehow  honest  it mostly deals with the real us  not the image and that’s what counts, image doesn’t necessarily reflect the real person we are , most people hide behind that image or let’s call it mask .

Those masks could hide a monster  and often  it does of the time and I believe all of us had met a beautiful monster at some point . or we have had lost an angel because of a mask which we didn’t read correctly we have been captured by the first impression . I always ask myself how come with all of our knowledge  we can’t go beyond this external  shell ? how come we don’t see that inner beauty or ugliness  the real jewel or coal .

Now look who’s talking I was whining about my small nose for ages  but I never considered  a plastic surgery not once , not because I’m afraid of the knife or concerned  about  the coast . I didn’t  because I can’t  cheat myself,  each time i would  look in the mirror I’ll feel disconnected  a stranger in my own skin that’s sounds very missed up , so I did the best thing I could do , I embraced myself  fully and deeply I wasn’t looking at those error any more I kept on looking for those tiny things that makes me different and unique .so my small nose makes me look young  not ugly  and so on  . even my inner self I took a look at it I was satisfied  I’m not so bad in my own way .

I don’t  know for sure what  brought ht this subject but I felt philosophic  today  I’m not even sure if there is a term  like that however  ,  what I want to say is drop those masks  you don’t need them I don’t need them , don’t mind if you have a small nose or big lips or if you are limping, all of us have a flow which makes us unique in a way you don’t have to be beautiful to be admired  and no one will do that if you don’t admire yourself , not in a cocky way though , as they say beauty comes from within so let us, me, you , them  take a close look inside to  see  our  magnificent  us and let that glow shine we will be more happy even if we are not perfect  in the outside  it’s enough to be from the inside. So  if people can’t see  it and there will be some  , that’s their shame not ours .

I know  most of you will say appearance  make all the deference  and I agree  but if it becomes an obsession then  we have a problem  . yes in this material world  some unqualified people get good promotions or get lead roles or get treated better just because they are  beautiful  . this is a fact we can’t ignore  but  we can’t get effected by  it either  because  at some point they will crack under the presser  they will lose that charm beauty  fades with time passing by  which leave us with the real personality  whether  it’s ugly or beautiful . so embrace that  amazing person in you  don’t look for perfect  look for honest normal and real.    







i crack this stones each morning .

deeply inhaling hope .

not because i can  more than i should 

life is a circle ends in a whole,

but begins in the other side for another creature.

my ends , your ends , their ends . could be other being’s starters .

on the road to new beginnings we leave parts of us 

good or bad it’s not the issue ,

deep or shallow it’s not the issue.

every step we make a deference inside our souls 

as much as we do to others 


shattered glass


don’t you just wonder how much life ain’t fair not only with you but with others , few days ago one of my friends lost her husband just like that he only went out to buy some groceries but he came back home in a coffin when look at her i feel so mad they have been married  for 3 years  didn’t have the chance even to have kids although they have tried but no success . the thing that im mad about is she waited for so long for  her prince charming  she was old already 43 years old imagine when wait that long and when you reach your dream some one take it from you the husband was beaten and left to die in his car left to be found by strangers no wife to hold his hand or a chance to say good bey . i can’t tell you how this incident has effected me the site of her broken and shattered like glass just broke my heart and made me scared. scared for her and scared for me.

45 years old widow  in a closed society what chance of happiness does she have  living with an uptight family who thinks they know better .

i keep on putting scenarios for her coming life and it’s not pleasant but i really hope that god do have a better plans for my good friend .



Call It


Look at me and tell me the sun won’t shine.
Look at me and tell me you won’t be breathing no more.
Look at me and tell me you won’t walk this broken steps.
Look at me and tell me you won’t reach for a cup of water.
Thirsty for a drop of happiness ? I know
Hungry for a hint of acknowledgment ?i know
Eager for just a peaceful moment ?
So do I
There are so many closed doors ,And hidden keys
There are more broken steps And falling roofs
If your roof and mine has fallen.
If our last drop of water has spelled
If our only shoes has torn
We can’t stop walking
And we want stop fighting
If we lost a drop of water
Oh the world full of springs fresh and pure
If we missed one key
The universe Filled with more
If we broke a leg ,It will heal a gain
it always will
If hunger bites if thirst strikes
The pull for living won’t vanish
Tomorrow is coming
It will be ours and every need
And dream will be fulfilled
Life is hard , oh I do know.
I’v had my share.
But yet in one magical moment
Call it luck
Call it destiny
Call it a miracle
Call it faith
In that moment ,in that right time
roses shall blossom
Rivers shall run
Birds shall fly
And we will be there
To blossom and fly so high

Grab that glory


Hello  readers the coming lines might sound contradicting it’s self but believe me it’s related even if it’s a thin thread i found my self mumbling after coming across a quote for Elenor Roosvelt which took me back in time i thought i could share it so  feel free to speak your mind after all that’s what we hear fore sharing and learning from each other.

‘The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams’

Elenor roosevelt

I don’t know about that Elenor as i see it in this century dreams are so dear for this generation. We dream and try to make them true but yet it’s like writing on water I have been thinking whats wrong with us why our ambitions so crippled although we feel them high and as  big as the universe  , is it our way of excluding thing or dealing with matters are we not strong enough? Or talented enough , even with good planning bad things will happen then we’re back to square one

I don’t want to sound depressing but seriously didn’t you guys just wondered  has  the  equation of success change over the years

We read this development books how to be successful , how to unleash your inner genius , how to enhance your brain power , how to think positive) a lots of how’s and according to the rhythm of life and challenges we can’t go over all of them just to find that magical statement the one that will hold all the answers to our poor  frustrated wills .

Then what are we to do ? set aside and simply do not dream just go  with the flow .I don’t think so , you see humans are competitive by nature we like to clime walls and dig holes and carry rocks since we were young not because we don’t have other things to do or just being found of  hard work , but because we are designed to seek and reach our goals so adreaming is within us naturally even for those who  think they don’t . the old generation was born in a better time for dreams ,why ? in my opinion because the world was just awakening industry , sciences, discoveries , trade , there was new shores ideas were like butterflies the resources are there all they need is use them yes they had to work hard to succeed but the competition was not as fierce as now a days the resources are not as easy to get .

Now someone might think I’m delivering lame excuses to the lazy ones , honestly I’m not it’s just true, 20 years ago we didn’t have anything but my mom has this dream to have a perfume shop we started by selling beverages near one of the fancy shops back then after one year we had two perfume shops,  it was not easy but it was not  impossible . but now in this time no way it could happen , the rules of the game has changed dreams take longer to become true that’s our real problem we have technology , but we don’t have the power which is money, and time is our enemy we are hassling to grab the hem of those dreams then we trip , we compare ourselves  to others and  that’s wrong we are not suppose to compare instead we should notice be alert to our surroundings not out of paranoia but out of intelligence .Coping is a failure but comprehending and extracting the nectar of  others experience and adjust or add to it so it can be useful along the way , we should have our own bag of seeds so the tree will be ours

I will end this piece by a saying” Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things that you didn’t do than by the ones you did do. So throw off the bowlines. Sail away from the safe harbor. Catch the trade winds in your sails. Explore. Dream. Discover.”
― H. Jackson Brown Jr.

So dream on don’t feel intimidated of it ,it’s just the right thing  you can’t make a dresses or build a house without the sketches . Now finding one  might be a bit difficult at some point  or you could hit dead ends but at that very dead end there must be a tiny window  that you can squeeze through  to get  to the other end  and proceed from there .

In my life I have been through  a lots of  confronts that’s what I like to call them  other than ‘Bad Experiences ‘  those confronts put me face to face with my fears or disappointments but  yet made my bones stronger so it won’t get broken  easily I just had to look at them as stimulators  and I sure learned three important things .

  • no wallowing in self pity
  • never say I can’t
  • ‘ what’s the worst that could happen ‘

This statement I found in a book ,believe it or not it did open my eyes  I did ask myself what’s the worst that could happen if I try just try no big expectations . trust me when I say you will be amazed of the outcome .

Here I am after 4 years from the moment I asked myself that question  and i’m grateful I did . I might not have achieved all my goals but I managed to reach some and I’m going for  the rest , tough journey ? yes, but it’s worth it the feeling that you get out of reaching and grabbing what you have planted  is an  absolute glory . so dream on people grab that glory  .


come to me


Come to me
Am I not your home ?!
Am I not your comfort ?!
Am I not your beloved ?!
Come to me.
like spring caresses earth
Caress my longing soul.
I’v been waiting for ages.
Such a torment wait is !
They say one plus one is two
But us !
divide we shell not endure
So come right one
Compleat this half living one.
Revive this weathering being

Every time it rains I feel so sad.
So alone
Roses used to make me smile.
Sun used to give me hope.
Night was my favorite stage.
All prisoned dreams come true.
How real you become.
I can dive into your ravishing scent
And peacefully vanish
Oh dearest one
Come to me
Belong to me