( D2)NaPoWriMo

Today I’m posting a poem I wrote a while ago it holds a special spot in my heart I hope you’ll enjoy it .

I run to dreams
Hopeful to fined another beauty.
Another home.
Another girl.
Another shore to embrace my ship.
Hence all shores nothing but a lie.
All homes are a lie.
Even my self just I’m just a lie .
Lie ,those moronic smiles
While orbs drown in tears
Lie, those picnics
In gardens filled with Cigarette butts
Lie,those baffled verses.
Lie, those rock stuffed Cushions
Lie, those haunted nights with nightmares and graveyards odor.
How do we plant roses
Upon stones ?!
How Tranquility walk the unknown distances.
Lie , those blindish steps to no where
Lie , that spray of perfume
We’ve miserably squeezed
Out of a Chrysanthemum solitary soul

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