Child Of My Heart


what ever you do. 
where ever you go . 
keep that connection between us alive . 
moments becomes so hallow 
seconds feels like years . 
and every giggle I force hits my heart like knives 
I have no life with out your whispers 
my being is tied to yours 
small words you say 
little laughs you spread. 
either it make me rise 
or it turns me dead 
baby be careful. 
letters do hold a kill 
your far oh god your far. 
by distance that’s all 
and it hurts like hell 
hear in this space so small 
I carry you as a child of my heart. 
you think you walk on earth 
how wrong you are. 
if you just take a look at my chest. 
you’ll see the scars 
so please think of me. 
when you hit the ground 
make those steps turn around. whispers,


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