Yes I Ate That Apple



Yes, I’m a woman  venerable , sensitive , and weak

Yes, I cry if a car hit a cat  by the side road  

Yes, I shed tears over a romantic movie

Yes, I easily break when my man go’s away

Yes,  I don’t have muscles to carry heavy loads  

Or change my car oil or a flat tire

Yes,  I care about flowers and sunny days

And anniversaries and birth days and all that small details

Yes, I’m a woman  who likes to paint her nails and do her hair

Yes, I’m a woman who loves fashion and world peace

Yes, I’m a woman who wakes you up to kill a nasty roach in the bath room

Yes, I’m a woman sometimes I burn your meal  or even your  T-shirt

Yes I’m a woman who needs your strength to feel  safe   

Yes I’m all of that but  

 That  woman  get blown away by a lame poem you wrote

That woman  melt when you say nice words even when  you don’t mean it

That woman carry your pains and hurt and disappointments

That woman carry your suns in her body for 9 month   and yet manage to glow

That woman  covers and tolerates your lies and trips because she wants to be there for you

That woman  considers you a partner but you consider her a competitor

That woman tears and cares and open her heart for life and for you  because  this  the way she is  living she doesn’t live you through life

She lives life through you 

So dear man , dear partner , no shame in being weak , or venerable that teaches me how to deal with life the best I could

Dear man no shame in being emotional that means I have a majestic soul that embraces  all

  I might  ate that apple  and caused us to leave heaven  

But he was merciful and implanted it inside of me

See what I try to make you see not what you think you see  





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