shattered glass


don’t you just wonder how much life ain’t fair not only with you but with others , few days ago one of my friends lost her husband just like that he only went out to buy some groceries but he came back home in a coffin when look at her i feel so mad they have been married  for 3 years  didn’t have the chance even to have kids although they have tried but no success . the thing that im mad about is she waited for so long for  her prince charming  she was old already 43 years old imagine when wait that long and when you reach your dream some one take it from you the husband was beaten and left to die in his car left to be found by strangers no wife to hold his hand or a chance to say good bey . i can’t tell you how this incident has effected me the site of her broken and shattered like glass just broke my heart and made me scared. scared for her and scared for me.

45 years old widow  in a closed society what chance of happiness does she have  living with an uptight family who thinks they know better .

i keep on putting scenarios for her coming life and it’s not pleasant but i really hope that god do have a better plans for my good friend .



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