beautiful monsters


Beauty.  Every body’s concern especially women . nice clothes makes us beautiful , make ups  make us beautiful ,  a good hair cut make us look beautiful , plastic surgery  makes us beautiful . we can correct what we think as errors in our selves  but are they really errors  which keep us away from perfection ? .

When we look  in the mirror each morning and feel unsatisfied with what we see first thing we think about why I’m not more beautiful ? why my nose is not straight as I want it to be? , why my lips are not smaller or bigger? , why my skin is not fair , why my body is not thinner  or  chubbier?  why I’m not taller or shorter ?. I know I did ask these questions  sometimes , until I hated myself. eventually  I stopped looking at the mirror and if I did I don’t  bother  that much  if I don’t look like the women in my dreams . that one is just a want , I want to be like , but in reality this is me with all of my imperfection  with all of my errors we can say , and what I need to do is love me as i am

Imagine if we don’t have mirrors I believe we won’t bother  about looks we will see ourselves reflected in others eyes , the human mirror  . that mirror is somehow  honest  it mostly deals with the real us  not the image and that’s what counts, image doesn’t necessarily reflect the real person we are , most people hide behind that image or let’s call it mask .

Those masks could hide a monster  and often  it does of the time and I believe all of us had met a beautiful monster at some point . or we have had lost an angel because of a mask which we didn’t read correctly we have been captured by the first impression . I always ask myself how come with all of our knowledge  we can’t go beyond this external  shell ? how come we don’t see that inner beauty or ugliness  the real jewel or coal .

Now look who’s talking I was whining about my small nose for ages  but I never considered  a plastic surgery not once , not because I’m afraid of the knife or concerned  about  the coast . I didn’t  because I can’t  cheat myself,  each time i would  look in the mirror I’ll feel disconnected  a stranger in my own skin that’s sounds very missed up , so I did the best thing I could do , I embraced myself  fully and deeply I wasn’t looking at those error any more I kept on looking for those tiny things that makes me different and unique .so my small nose makes me look young  not ugly  and so on  . even my inner self I took a look at it I was satisfied  I’m not so bad in my own way .

I don’t  know for sure what  brought ht this subject but I felt philosophic  today  I’m not even sure if there is a term  like that however  ,  what I want to say is drop those masks  you don’t need them I don’t need them , don’t mind if you have a small nose or big lips or if you are limping, all of us have a flow which makes us unique in a way you don’t have to be beautiful to be admired  and no one will do that if you don’t admire yourself , not in a cocky way though , as they say beauty comes from within so let us, me, you , them  take a close look inside to  see  our  magnificent  us and let that glow shine we will be more happy even if we are not perfect  in the outside  it’s enough to be from the inside. So  if people can’t see  it and there will be some  , that’s their shame not ours .

I know  most of you will say appearance  make all the deference  and I agree  but if it becomes an obsession then  we have a problem  . yes in this material world  some unqualified people get good promotions or get lead roles or get treated better just because they are  beautiful  . this is a fact we can’t ignore  but  we can’t get effected by  it either  because  at some point they will crack under the presser  they will lose that charm beauty  fades with time passing by  which leave us with the real personality  whether  it’s ugly or beautiful . so embrace that  amazing person in you  don’t look for perfect  look for honest normal and real.    



2 thoughts on “beautiful monsters

  1. Hi Zara, I always say beauty is in the eyes of the beholder. Looks do not always tell you what the person is inside. I’ve always been ugly and don’t like mirrors. Thank you so much for liking my poem ‘ Five’. Best Wishes, The Foureyed Poet

    • Hi , yes indeed i wish if we just embrace that idea , thank you for returning the visit and taking the time to read and comment ,visiting your page was a pleasure and surley it won’t be the last
      best wishes

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