Think different …. Quote


(Our fate changes as our way of thinking change and we become what we want only when our way of thinking and actions come to mach with our desires)
by Adrizon Maurder .

Is fate really tied to our way of thinking ? . I don’t know if it’s true but i find the idea very fascinating , somehow our minds have this unique ability to make the change i believe in the right way and the right effective tools .Thinking alone is not enough its like having eye glasses with no ears.
feel free to share your thoughts .

once upon a parent

Image  parenting is never an easy task , we may pretend  to know all about it but we don’t , yet that doesn’t give the parent the right to be careless in their decisions which in every way will effect their kids .

for years i have seen parents ruin the children lives in a moment of selfishness or anger thinking that it has nothing to to with those children . putting them in the line of fire expecting them to survive the ordeal, i’m not accusing all parents sure there is good parents and bad ones.

to the bad ones i direct my question , how could you ignore the fact that what you decide today will build or demolish your son’s life in the do you feel when your kid go through life broken and confuse as why i’m not like the other kids with caring parents ?

if you choose to life for your self don’t bring kids to life that resembles  hell .don’t bring another homeless child or another thief or another disturbed soul .

i’m not putting statistics they are numbers and believe me its less than real ones . i feel very upset seeing a 30 years old man broken no id no job no education no life just because his father diced to flee and the mother  jumped in another man arms. i will never understand such behavior .

i know an emotional post it may be irrational but i had to get it out of my chest so i can breath .

Dentist clinic


Sitting in a dentist clinic.
With an old magazine upside down
I never read that magazine.
People were groaning
Children crying
Nurses calling names
of unknown Persons
I didn’t really care
My eyes were glued to the stained glass window
And I was up on the clouds .
Like I was in a vertical world.
You were there staring at me
With a heart braking look
I was melting like a pice of butter in a summers noon
But something was not right
Are those tears in your eyes ?
You didn’t brake eye contact.
Till you reached my seat.
Kneeling in front of me
Forgive me,you said
For what?! I stuttered
Simply you engulfed my frame.
Like I was going to disappear
Again forgive me,you said
I stood still
I love you more than I can take
I love you even before we were born.
I came to this life with you in my heart.

couldn’t form a word.
I just tried my best not to faint.
And deep inside I knew that was
You saying goodbye
But why
Are you going ?!
came in a whisper
Yes, you said
Now I questioned ?!
Tears running like rivers on my cheeks.
Yes, you said ,un able to keep away
You squashed me so tight ,was shaking with painful sobb
I know you had no choice.
Neither did I
I’m coming back !!
You promised.
And I believed you.
You kissed me more time
Like your life depends on it.
We were breathing so hard
Not out of lust
but fear , pain And agony
I didn’t want to let you go but I had to
Your captin was waiting.
I watched you
through that glass.
You placed your hand
I placed mine.
Four years has passed since then
Every day I pass by the dentist clinic.
And stare to that window glass.
I kiss that place that once was blissed with your mark
People look at me and laugh.
Thinking how crazy I must be
Yes I was , I am , and I will be.
You took my sanity with you
And I can’t bare this world alone
So torn.
Even breathing hurts
Yet today just another day.
I came to pay my respect
To this place that witnessed our very last moment.
Before you left to war
You never came back.
I never never came back .


anger , hurt , frustration unappreciated , these are the kind of feelings that runs through us when we have a shouting contest with a friend or a family member ,lover or even a neighbor. it’s a normal reaction at the moment we are built to devend our selves when we feel threatened or have to exceplain our actions .
sometimes we don’t even have anything to do with the setuation yet we get the first hit of thunder so we tend to fire back regardless of the out come . It happened to me many times , but after the outburst all reason crashes down on my shoulders and I ask my self what if :
What if I just listened
What if I just give an excuse to this person .
What if I give a bit of attention and looked beyond my self .
What if this person was just troubled and needed to let it out
What if this person think of me as close that’s why he/she came to me thinking that I would understand .
What if I just handled the setuation with patience .
Defently the result would be much better maybe not at the moment , maybe in a day or two .
the problem with us that we are self centered most of the time it’s a defense Mechanism we don’t like it when someone or something bush our buttons or scratch or walls . Usually we can’t see pass the surface in the middle of an outburst . it would be amazing if we stop a minute, and think , this attack is not meant to be at me especially if I’m sure I haven’t done wrong . Embracing this person reassure hem/ her could make a deference for them and for us as well. just give your pal a chance to let the steam out and cool down don’t take it personally. At times you could be either the last and only Lifeline they had or the last strew that brook the camels back .Be thoughtful, as much as you can.

I have a friend who is always by my side sometimes I loos it With her , she never fought back she just listens tell all my heavy backpacks are on the floor then she will give me a warm smile, pat my back and bring me a cup of coffee then she will ask me what’s wrong?! Like i was waiting for that question .I will just break and spill my heart out . She knew that at that moment I’m haunted with what ever is hurting me and I needed her. So each time I’m frustrated or hurt or even happy I would look for her she is my lifeline and I’m hers. This in my opinion what humanity all about caring , sharing and forgiving . How beautiful is that



Give me one reason why I can’t cry you out of my heart .
Give me one reason why you’er rooted in my soul .
Give me one reason why I act foolish when ever you’er around
Why I stumble on my words.
Why blush like crazy when you look my way
I know that smile was not for me. But yet I hope
Give me one reason why I wait at the corner each night,
to watch you leave with another she.
standing like a naked tree. In a rainy winter
Bare from all my senses
Give me one reason. Why i can’t escape this ?!
Why I can’t turn my back without
Feeling suffocated . Your not mine I know.
How unfair it is to be yours beyond my will.
With reason or out of reason. I can’t break through
This feeble heart of mine, has sold me out .
I’m bonded to you , one sided bond.
One !! I’ll always be one


Under piles of papers.
Between lines
Before fullstops.
Fragments of a life time
Sometimes readable
Sometimes lays backwards, like a magic spill
Sometimes it sounds like a song from a fairytale .
Sometimes it has no sound ,
No face .
Sometimes it has wings
Once you left a page
a melody of freedom hums a way