Ain’t hard to forgive


Oh letters of mine
forgive me if ink become dear
or my wounds has complained of my fear,
if Inspiration bled
forgive me ,if silence loudly has spoken
precious moans,
Burdening my soul.

Oh lines of mine.
forgive me .if hope has drowned
In sea of emotions.
deep in there, shrouds ,
caskets and a shadow of a lost city

Oh flowers of mine .
forgive me ,if I drew you in gray
no other colors in my world.
but gray
so if you may
Forgive, rebel , or abandon me.

Oh childhood dreams Of mine .
forgive me. the ship is lost
the Anchor is jaded.
the horizon like corps
UN aware of pleasures .
forgive me ,If crimp seethes
and assassinates shores
Is there shores for the unknown ?
There might be !

Oh jasmines of mine.
forgive me, if dawn get murkier
or mournful
if your roots cries
so awful
You’ll forget me.
It’s not hard, to forgive
To forgeT .

8 thoughts on “Ain’t hard to forgive

  1. I remember feelings of grief like this in my past. It’s like prodding a scar to read all this raw emotion. I hope flowers have color again one day.

  2. silence loudly has spoken

    I don’t know what these joining of contrasts is called in literature but they are thought provoking. In the rare times I write some poetry I use them like “dry tears” or “silent screams”.

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