Dentist clinic


Sitting in a dentist clinic.
With an old magazine upside down
I never read that magazine.
People were groaning
Children crying
Nurses calling names
of unknown Persons
I didn’t really care
My eyes were glued to the stained glass window
And I was up on the clouds .
Like I was in a vertical world.
You were there staring at me
With a heart braking look
I was melting like a pice of butter in a summers noon
But something was not right
Are those tears in your eyes ?
You didn’t brake eye contact.
Till you reached my seat.
Kneeling in front of me
Forgive me,you said
For what?! I stuttered
Simply you engulfed my frame.
Like I was going to disappear
Again forgive me,you said
I stood still
I love you more than I can take
I love you even before we were born.
I came to this life with you in my heart.

couldn’t form a word.
I just tried my best not to faint.
And deep inside I knew that was
You saying goodbye
But why
Are you going ?!
came in a whisper
Yes, you said
Now I questioned ?!
Tears running like rivers on my cheeks.
Yes, you said ,un able to keep away
You squashed me so tight ,was shaking with painful sobb
I know you had no choice.
Neither did I
I’m coming back !!
You promised.
And I believed you.
You kissed me more time
Like your life depends on it.
We were breathing so hard
Not out of lust
but fear , pain And agony
I didn’t want to let you go but I had to
Your captin was waiting.
I watched you
through that glass.
You placed your hand
I placed mine.
Four years has passed since then
Every day I pass by the dentist clinic.
And stare to that window glass.
I kiss that place that once was blissed with your mark
People look at me and laugh.
Thinking how crazy I must be
Yes I was , I am , and I will be.
You took my sanity with you
And I can’t bare this world alone
So torn.
Even breathing hurts
Yet today just another day.
I came to pay my respect
To this place that witnessed our very last moment.
Before you left to war
You never came back.
I never never came back .

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