A look over the shoulder


Few things in my life has fascinated and disturbed me
* when a person is nice and quite . People tend to step on hem/her assuming one of two things either this person is a nurd or a weasel , even if there is nothing indicates that .
* if a person being true, honest and straight forward , people Stain them as rude and ruthless .
* poor people in the eyes of community are black Sheep’s ,thugs and thief’s .
* rich people in the eyes of community are reliable , Nobel , intelligent , educated (even if they can’t defer between ten and pen )
* women are the source of all evil even if the poor thing still in diapers
* men are victims even if blood drops from there fingers .
* religion became a politic game.
* in all the world we use gods words when they serve our needs or goals
* charity isn’t a righteous deed no more , but a ticket to a privet get or a Curtain to blind a dirty closet .
and I ask my self how much worse its going to get why do we Stigmatize every thing , mask every thing , ruin every thing in our haste to the summit to end up deep in a swamp , yes we so called the superior creatures on earth but what have we done with such power after thinking ,in my opinion nothing to be proud of . we might have achieved some but we have destroyed more including our selves , how can we improve and become the grate being we suppose to be ?!, I really don’t know although its a mater of discussion on each philosophic table
Until we find the answer our fate side keeps on weathering .

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