Face planted in dirt


Taking the next step the real step that makes all the deference in your life is a very tricky thing often it comes after many unsuccessful steps , it might sound lame but tripping is not a shame the things that you don’t see while you’er standing you might notice them when your face planted in dirt ,

Sometimes it’s just our ego that blind us not to be coherent , I have tripped a lot in my life and I will do so in the future that’s a fact I keep in mind , and to dust that dirt away I keep my hopes and consistency uploaded . It’s not an easy thing to do but I try , failing with out trying is misery because you’ll always wonder what if .. ?! .Those what IFs are bone breakers ,butter not to have them a head , they really suck out any energy you have left , at least this is the way I felt at one point. When all doors are closed , people had turned their backs on you , your broke and nearly homeless , at this very moment all demons pop in your face and you start looking for an easy way out or you will be consumed by self pity . Somewhere in that dilemma a life flipping idea could pop and every thing takes another turn , you will discover something very important , that’s YOU , your self your tolerance level , your intelligence , your morals , your faith , your loyalty to your self first .
in my opinion bad times like cocoons try to leave that cocoon as a beautiful butterfly not a bat . Do you see the deference ?!

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