Gallery of scars


Heart breaks, Wounds bleed .Doors of the scars gallery wide open; each of us has a gallery of scars
Some fade, some remains, some re-open with a whiff of memory.
Scars like seeds that watered with tears. Have you ever seen a seed breaks through dirt?
That’s what happens to our souls; they crack each time a scar breaks to the surface,
And bleed all over again.

I think we’re somehow loyal to our scars; they remind us of precious moments, had impacted our lives.We can’t get rid of them, but we can use them in our advantage,to become better persons, And to have a deeper insight. Then come to terms with (What doesn’t break you makes you stronger).

I don’t know if visiting this gallery one in a while would result in salvation. But I know life is pain, facing this pain would sent your soul free.
One of my favorite lines for an Arabian poet it says:
Trees die standing,
While wind hit their sides.
Viciously, trees stand tall.


Thank you



When first started blogging i never imagined that i would be nominated for anything or reach a 100 follower for me its a great deal, so THANK you Terry  for this honor . And THANK you  my dear followers your support is highly appreciated .

as per the award rules 7 things about me ;

1- I’m a very quite persons sometimes one day would pass without me saying a word i just love silence.

2- I love nature very much especially roses  but i don’t like rain it saddens me.

3- I’m a chicken when it comes to birds i fear them dearly.

4- I hate phones and malls shopping drives me crazy.

5- I’m a very bad swimmer my trainer said: i’m hopeless

6- i like perfumes poison is my favorite.

7- i want to marry an indian i think all those movies i watched just paid of

now for my dear nominees its sad really that i have only fifteen spots all of you are amazing but rules are rules :
















thank you all for your kindness i wish you all the best 


Nothing more, Nothing less

Nothing more, Nothing less

Holding to you dearest rose.
your fears reckone to mine.
This road.i know
it’s dark, it’s misty.
it’s crowded and twisty.
it’s fearful dear rose.
but, at the end of the way,
alight, so bright
just one more step.
all would be fine
Just fine, nothing more.
nothing less
A bless