Gallery of scars


Heart breaks, Wounds bleed .Doors of the scars gallery wide open; each of us has a gallery of scars
Some fade, some remains, some re-open with a whiff of memory.
Scars like seeds that watered with tears. Have you ever seen a seed breaks through dirt?
That’s what happens to our souls; they crack each time a scar breaks to the surface,
And bleed all over again.

I think we’re somehow loyal to our scars; they remind us of precious moments, had impacted our lives.We can’t get rid of them, but we can use them in our advantage,to become better persons, And to have a deeper insight. Then come to terms with (What doesn’t break you makes you stronger).

I don’t know if visiting this gallery one in a while would result in salvation. But I know life is pain, facing this pain would sent your soul free.
One of my favorite lines for an Arabian poet it says:
Trees die standing,
While wind hit their sides.
Viciously, trees stand tall.


2 thoughts on “Gallery of scars

  1. Hi Zara – Thanks very much for dropping by and “liking” my poem. Very much appreciated. I like the unusual image accompanying this post.

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