Who Finished the MILIK?!

Conflicts between family members is something normal , it happens you can’t get along all the time . But it become painful when every body hates every body over small silly things. Like soaks or T-shirts or even who finished the milk .
I hate it when people don’t discuss their differences quietly and with reason , the problem is ; some people think that screaming and using bad language is a sign of strength which it’s quite impossible to reason with ,these kind of individuals can’t hear any one but them selves they go off like an alarm system with no switching pin code.
Family is about love ,caring , sharing and support , if there is a disagreement in any freaking time those values should be placed on the table , why Los a relative because of pride and stubbornness when things could be solved just if we remember who are we talking to , I know it’s hard especially if the other person has hurt you badly or stepped on your feet over and over again , god some persons just so difficult to approach . I have been in this situation many times , but I learned how to keep my anger on a leash I keep on reminding my self that this person is part off me and I can’t hurt my self , can’t I .?!
sometimes I don’t succeed and I really felt horrible after words , hence you through every Rock in your sack at who ever crossed the line, the irony is when every thing cools off ,you feel a shamed and bruised . How can we maintain a balance during those times with out giving the chance to others to bully us or bring our demons out of the bottle ?!