Jump, Walk, Run

We clash with reality all the time
Not because this the way it should
But , because we tend to jump,
while we should walk,
Or set where we should run for it.
We mistranslate it
So it beat us to the point of breakage.
We need a better way to communicate with our reality.

Make love to freedom


” insanity is freedom in its raw form” says me ^_^. This is my ranting day enjoy my rebellious moment .

Buy me a muffin over a cup of coffee any morning
let us dwell on something for the sake of sharing ,
Let us hate on life,but agree on living it
Let us laugh,or even share tears
Tired of pretending I believe
Just to keep appearances.
We carry suit cases all day hasting from corner to corner
And when we need a moment to scream
All places seems so crowded
Too many eyes ,and ears counting our every breath.
Buy me a muffin over a cup of coffee any morning.
Let us be what we want to be
We can put sanity on hold,to enjoy madness
Let us be mean for a change what did we get from kindness .
Sounds wrong even to my ears, but hey ! Who cares
We spent our existence trying to be righteous.
Those scars decorating out backs
Witnesses of our disappointments
Just for a day let us rebel against wisdom.
Buy me a muffin over a cup of coffee any morning.
Let us undress our souls and make love to freedom

Sweet Man of The Moon


A murky morning
The sky is crying alongside a soul
Why breathing so painful, so cruel.
Should just stop dragging those breaths
And sink in endless obscurity
How to hold on to something that’s shriveling
Life hasn’t been fair.
Where Dreams dangles of a cliff
And happiness so dear.
Cold! All that’s there is cold.
Inside the cavity of bones,
Swirls a Storm of austerity.
Virulence embraces orchids
How can it bloom!
Soon, fields of hopefulness
Would burst into infernos
A bouquet of roses arrives
At that very moment
Signature: Sweet Man of The Moon
In black,
towering the pink clouds
Wrapped in white, how ironic.

I think I hate Valentine’s Day


“I think I hate Valentine’s Day”
Seriously, It’s like a 90 years old women having a face left 😳

Why do we need one day, out of 365
Days to celebrate our feelings, and revive something have been ignored for 364 days .

What I hate is those forced awkward moments, where women put life on hold for a box of chocolate and a bouquet of roses that will end up in the trash.

And men, I really feel sorry for them
You see there is three kinds of them in that day;
The hopeless romantic type of a guy ,who ironically paired with a workaholic cold women, who doesn’t give a damn about Valentine’s Day

The road runners : those who chase broken hearted women, and console them in hope to get a piece of that meat with no drop of sympathy, because they don’t even know what’s the big deal about Valentine , it’s just an opportunity to get lied

The third type : watermelon guy, sweet, but lives on another planet

Don’t get me wrong , celebrating LOVE is AMAZING , but why do we need ONE day, why not live it every day !?
Of course the majority of the glob population are not that lucky , including myself 😊 , but we can try

I think valentine is really dangerous because it can brake relationships and shatter homes, WHY ?!

Because , women’s expectations are up to the roof , but men have no clue
At the end they will be disappointed
, and men will be angry. so much for a celebration.

You know, the funny thing is some amazing person has sent me 2 boxes of chocolate and roses, maybe I got lucky for a change

Morning Silly Rant


I woke up this morning with a grumpy mood, but ironically I was thinking to write a positive post that’s full of rosy words and rainbows. What a lie!!

Sometimes I think my hands are more realistic than my head, hence it refused to follow what I wanted, and stuck to the truth, however I’m still going to inject my positivity by force if I have to ,the world doesn’t need additional negativity, but how do I make my stubborn body follow my stubborn mind, this is to much stubbornness for my liking, I begin to realize I’m a slave of my own ideas and my ideas are slaves of my body which is slavery within my entity therefore I have no control over me, damn that’s a lot to discover early morning.

Dose that even make sense 😳 !!
Anyway, I’m allowed to be silly and rant about something at least once in a while, and that’s some sort of positivity, at the end you get to let those rocks drop in the pond and steer what’s beneath, hopefully meaningful things.

We were warriors


We were warriors, still we are.
No horses no armors no swords
Chests unclad, enfold every thrust
Bulks were Temples of scars.

We were warriors, still we are
through mountains and oceans,
We’ve torn our path to grace.
life has bestowed us nothing”

We were warriors,still we are
Pain shall not be our enemy
Loss shall not be a burden
Struggles shall be salt and pepper.
Thus life shall not be so plain.

We were warriors, still we are.
born to fight and Concur,
Defeat arise,when well bow down
Our enemy nothing but our selves.