Morning Silly Rant


I woke up this morning with a grumpy mood, but ironically I was thinking to write a positive post that’s full of rosy words and rainbows. What a lie!!

Sometimes I think my hands are more realistic than my head, hence it refused to follow what I wanted, and stuck to the truth, however I’m still going to inject my positivity by force if I have to ,the world doesn’t need additional negativity, but how do I make my stubborn body follow my stubborn mind, this is to much stubbornness for my liking, I begin to realize I’m a slave of my own ideas and my ideas are slaves of my body which is slavery within my entity therefore I have no control over me, damn that’s a lot to discover early morning.

Dose that even make sense 😳 !!
Anyway, I’m allowed to be silly and rant about something at least once in a while, and that’s some sort of positivity, at the end you get to let those rocks drop in the pond and steer what’s beneath, hopefully meaningful things.

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