Pain is Eternal


pain is memorable than joy
Only because it has an iron fist
When it hits it go’s all the way,
until it shatters the soul;
It imprint us with misery
We see a mark engraved all over our somas
Even when our eyes are closed
We feel it even while sleeping
We smell it
It’s like a pheromone that attracts calamities.
Pain merges with laughter
Pain merges with breaths
Pain Merges with us
Pain is eternal it has an ability to reincarnate.

Simple Equation


We lay our heads on our pillows
Dreams tower like mighty mountains ,
until we feel so small,
And despite the provocation that may cause, we can’t avoid the feeling of haplessness,
at night all Demons break free inflaming sleep with nightmares,
and the endless questions that slams each cell in our brains like angry waves.
All that ,while we lie there open to all attacks.
we try to forget about our defeats through the day , the unfinished tasks , the wrong turns that we know deep inside have dragged us away from our destination.
We open our sore eyes in the morning, hoping to rewrite yesterday, but yesterday has a full stop. You can add ,but we can’t edit it would be a lie and if we Los our selves to it we will not step into the future while we still captives in the past simple equation to deal with the present;