About me

(Learn to listen , luck knocks on doors lightly.)

listening not only to voices but letters as well. words has its own voice and that’s what i like to do, give my words a voice in hope that it will resonate and reach a soul.

This small space is my sanctuary i come with love and respect to all humans good or bad it doesn’t matter hence we all have our good and bad sides it’s our nature.

I’m a 34 years old women live in middle east Saudi in particular. i lived there all my life which had it’s ups and downs like other people in all parts of the glob. i work as a secretary in KFSH&RC in Riyadh, i love reading ,a book worm you can say and a very proud one ^_^ , writing is a passion since i was a child i used to carry a pencil every where, i wrote on walls on papers on any thing that welcomes my moment .in my own language which is Arabic i drew every moment of my days and nights and when i look at it now , i have this feeling of envy i was free , simple and pure , i think when we grow up we loos that beautiful side of us. life complicate us as we go through it , and that’s a shame but nothing we can do a bout it .

SO My dear reader that’s a small intro about me not much i know , but what ever i write in here says something a bout this wondering soma I don’t promise you fancy words,or perfection , what am i but a new born writer . who speaks from the heart ,feel free to visit or voice your thoughts i welcome all opinions
and critiques.
Zara M

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