Pine Tree


I’m here I’ve never been any where but here
Standing by this fence every day
In hope to see a sign
Did you know I’ve Planted a tree
a pine tree right in our backyard
We may shade under one day
When you find your way home
Losing you was not a choice of mine
You’ve decided and I had to suffer the consciences.
You’ve ran from me from your self from our fate
What were you afraid of
Were you afraid of giving in to the unknown feelings to you
Were you afraid to let someone in
To share every part of your soul
Were you afraid of being tide to me
Being tide ;what a cruel thing to say
Haven’t you consider the pain you’re putting me through
Haven’t thought for once
how broken I would be
And yet, here I am waiting for your moment of enlightenment.



Have Walked so many paths.
Have Crossed so many realms.
Have battled so many calamities”

Have faced fate constant wraths
Have lost and gained and lost again
Have broken Hearts including mine”

Have done good ,and bad
Have laughed and cried as well.
Have dragged my soul on rocks and glass.
Have hurt my own but hey, with class”

Have crashed bones ,and crossed some rules
Have sunk so low, and have highly rose
I Have been a reflection of life i suppose. >

Pain is Eternal


pain is memorable than joy
Only because it has an iron fist
When it hits it go’s all the way,
until it shatters the soul;
It imprint us with misery
We see a mark engraved all over our somas
Even when our eyes are closed
We feel it even while sleeping
We smell it
It’s like a pheromone that attracts calamities.
Pain merges with laughter
Pain merges with breaths
Pain Merges with us
Pain is eternal it has an ability to reincarnate.

Make love to freedom


” insanity is freedom in its raw form” says me ^_^. This is my ranting day enjoy my rebellious moment .

Buy me a muffin over a cup of coffee any morning
let us dwell on something for the sake of sharing ,
Let us hate on life,but agree on living it
Let us laugh,or even share tears
Tired of pretending I believe
Just to keep appearances.
We carry suit cases all day hasting from corner to corner
And when we need a moment to scream
All places seems so crowded
Too many eyes ,and ears counting our every breath.
Buy me a muffin over a cup of coffee any morning.
Let us be what we want to be
We can put sanity on hold,to enjoy madness
Let us be mean for a change what did we get from kindness .
Sounds wrong even to my ears, but hey ! Who cares
We spent our existence trying to be righteous.
Those scars decorating out backs
Witnesses of our disappointments
Just for a day let us rebel against wisdom.
Buy me a muffin over a cup of coffee any morning.
Let us undress our souls and make love to freedom