Two Sided blade

One of life”s most cruel arrangements , when it throws two kind hearts in your way , both beat with love and affection, and you just can’t comprehend why this is happening while all you’ve ever wanted is one single honest heart, yet life put you in such a predicament . Moreover what ever you do you will hurt and hurt someone with no pre- intention.

A game of who will be winner and who would be broken into million pieces, one can assume that’s a bless , but it’s far from it , it’s like a knife with two sided blade, it cuts either way. Keeping the two is a lie it only ends with a horrific mess , giving up the two could mean losing a chance to be with a soulmate and be happy a chance might not cross your path again. Choosing between tow heavens never will be a fair trade , all of that entanglement is unjust but it’s part of our dear life treats for the unfortunate chosen one .

Hell or Heaven

In the hectic pace of life, we tend to forget how close death is. It’s right there lurking in the shadows, waiting for the right moment to snatch us away, from our lives and our loved ones, we don’t know where we will end up Hell or Heaven, we just wish for god’s mercy and that he will forgive us for all what we have done in our lives.

It’s a fascinating truth how god made death a mystery, it can strike any time anywhere, some people travel to the other side of the glob just to meet their final moment. It can happen so fast and sudden or it could take a long agonizing process. It depends on what written for us. All is fate and fate chooses how, where, and when.

Yesterday, I have had a moment ,where I thought I’m going to die, I couldn’t breathe and the only thought in my mind at that time was, did I do good in my life, that if I died right now I would go to Heaven ? , have I been righteous in my 35 years on this earth , have I treated my mother the way she deserves , was I a good friend ,and a caring sister, have I paid my loans, have I been a responsible person . So many thoughts in just that split second, but hence I’m writing this post now I’m still alive thanks god.

Funny how we keep running and hustling every day to get something maybe it’s not meant for us and when disappointment takes a toll on our souls , we think god doesn’t love us, or he favored another human being over us, we don’t realize how wrong we were until illness, or misfortune happens .

Being alive is the greatest bliss we will ever have, hence dead people don’t have second chances or a choice, but we do, and we should take advantage of it, are we sure of what are we going to face in after life? No, we are not sure, but the thing we should keep in mind is, life is a passage it doesn’t matter where to, because debating in that is useless, but working for it is not. Let us consider it as a field what we plant we harvest, so let’s plant it with good deeds to harvest peace and grace



Have Walked so many paths.
Have Crossed so many realms.
Have battled so many calamities”

Have faced fate constant wraths
Have lost and gained and lost again
Have broken Hearts including mine”

Have done good ,and bad
Have laughed and cried as well.
Have dragged my soul on rocks and glass.
Have hurt my own but hey, with class”

Have crashed bones ,and crossed some rules
Have sunk so low, and have highly rose
I Have been a reflection of life i suppose. >

I think I hate Valentine’s Day


“I think I hate Valentine’s Day”
Seriously, It’s like a 90 years old women having a face left 😳

Why do we need one day, out of 365
Days to celebrate our feelings, and revive something have been ignored for 364 days .

What I hate is those forced awkward moments, where women put life on hold for a box of chocolate and a bouquet of roses that will end up in the trash.

And men, I really feel sorry for them
You see there is three kinds of them in that day;
The hopeless romantic type of a guy ,who ironically paired with a workaholic cold women, who doesn’t give a damn about Valentine’s Day

The road runners : those who chase broken hearted women, and console them in hope to get a piece of that meat with no drop of sympathy, because they don’t even know what’s the big deal about Valentine , it’s just an opportunity to get lied

The third type : watermelon guy, sweet, but lives on another planet

Don’t get me wrong , celebrating LOVE is AMAZING , but why do we need ONE day, why not live it every day !?
Of course the majority of the glob population are not that lucky , including myself 😊 , but we can try

I think valentine is really dangerous because it can brake relationships and shatter homes, WHY ?!

Because , women’s expectations are up to the roof , but men have no clue
At the end they will be disappointed
, and men will be angry. so much for a celebration.

You know, the funny thing is some amazing person has sent me 2 boxes of chocolate and roses, maybe I got lucky for a change

Face planted in dirt


Taking the next step the real step that makes all the deference in your life is a very tricky thing often it comes after many unsuccessful steps , it might sound lame but tripping is not a shame the things that you don’t see while you’er standing you might notice them when your face planted in dirt ,

Sometimes it’s just our ego that blind us not to be coherent , I have tripped a lot in my life and I will do so in the future that’s a fact I keep in mind , and to dust that dirt away I keep my hopes and consistency uploaded . It’s not an easy thing to do but I try , failing with out trying is misery because you’ll always wonder what if .. ?! .Those what IFs are bone breakers ,butter not to have them a head , they really suck out any energy you have left , at least this is the way I felt at one point. When all doors are closed , people had turned their backs on you , your broke and nearly homeless , at this very moment all demons pop in your face and you start looking for an easy way out or you will be consumed by self pity . Somewhere in that dilemma a life flipping idea could pop and every thing takes another turn , you will discover something very important , that’s YOU , your self your tolerance level , your intelligence , your morals , your faith , your loyalty to your self first .
in my opinion bad times like cocoons try to leave that cocoon as a beautiful butterfly not a bat . Do you see the deference ?!

Grab that glory


Hello  readers the coming lines might sound contradicting it’s self but believe me it’s related even if it’s a thin thread i found my self mumbling after coming across a quote for Elenor Roosvelt which took me back in time i thought i could share it so  feel free to speak your mind after all that’s what we hear fore sharing and learning from each other.

‘The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams’

Elenor roosevelt

I don’t know about that Elenor as i see it in this century dreams are so dear for this generation. We dream and try to make them true but yet it’s like writing on water I have been thinking whats wrong with us why our ambitions so crippled although we feel them high and as  big as the universe  , is it our way of excluding thing or dealing with matters are we not strong enough? Or talented enough , even with good planning bad things will happen then we’re back to square one

I don’t want to sound depressing but seriously didn’t you guys just wondered  has  the  equation of success change over the years

We read this development books how to be successful , how to unleash your inner genius , how to enhance your brain power , how to think positive) a lots of how’s and according to the rhythm of life and challenges we can’t go over all of them just to find that magical statement the one that will hold all the answers to our poor  frustrated wills .

Then what are we to do ? set aside and simply do not dream just go  with the flow .I don’t think so , you see humans are competitive by nature we like to clime walls and dig holes and carry rocks since we were young not because we don’t have other things to do or just being found of  hard work , but because we are designed to seek and reach our goals so adreaming is within us naturally even for those who  think they don’t . the old generation was born in a better time for dreams ,why ? in my opinion because the world was just awakening industry , sciences, discoveries , trade , there was new shores ideas were like butterflies the resources are there all they need is use them yes they had to work hard to succeed but the competition was not as fierce as now a days the resources are not as easy to get .

Now someone might think I’m delivering lame excuses to the lazy ones , honestly I’m not it’s just true, 20 years ago we didn’t have anything but my mom has this dream to have a perfume shop we started by selling beverages near one of the fancy shops back then after one year we had two perfume shops,  it was not easy but it was not  impossible . but now in this time no way it could happen , the rules of the game has changed dreams take longer to become true that’s our real problem we have technology , but we don’t have the power which is money, and time is our enemy we are hassling to grab the hem of those dreams then we trip , we compare ourselves  to others and  that’s wrong we are not suppose to compare instead we should notice be alert to our surroundings not out of paranoia but out of intelligence .Coping is a failure but comprehending and extracting the nectar of  others experience and adjust or add to it so it can be useful along the way , we should have our own bag of seeds so the tree will be ours

I will end this piece by a saying” Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things that you didn’t do than by the ones you did do. So throw off the bowlines. Sail away from the safe harbor. Catch the trade winds in your sails. Explore. Dream. Discover.”
― H. Jackson Brown Jr.

So dream on don’t feel intimidated of it ,it’s just the right thing  you can’t make a dresses or build a house without the sketches . Now finding one  might be a bit difficult at some point  or you could hit dead ends but at that very dead end there must be a tiny window  that you can squeeze through  to get  to the other end  and proceed from there .

In my life I have been through  a lots of  confronts that’s what I like to call them  other than ‘Bad Experiences ‘  those confronts put me face to face with my fears or disappointments but  yet made my bones stronger so it won’t get broken  easily I just had to look at them as stimulators  and I sure learned three important things .

  • no wallowing in self pity
  • never say I can’t
  • ‘ what’s the worst that could happen ‘

This statement I found in a book ,believe it or not it did open my eyes  I did ask myself what’s the worst that could happen if I try just try no big expectations . trust me when I say you will be amazed of the outcome .

Here I am after 4 years from the moment I asked myself that question  and i’m grateful I did . I might not have achieved all my goals but I managed to reach some and I’m going for  the rest , tough journey ? yes, but it’s worth it the feeling that you get out of reaching and grabbing what you have planted  is an  absolute glory . so dream on people grab that glory  .


Across The Bridge



put the pen down my lord

put it down please

no use of begging the lines for a space of illusion


pain has some sort of power

either to rise you above the breakage

or it will Barry you under its feet.


i’m haunted with freedom

i’m haunted with shores and green palm trees

but each time i open my eyes

all i see is deserts.


i smoke and smoke

in that process i don’t know who’s burning faster

the cigarette or me .


don’n fear what will be said

be aware of the unsaid.


a written letter like a silent will for the unseen muse


oh , i wish if i can carve my words on stones

words might shine one day.

pity if we leave without a trace.