My Heaven( to all mothers in the world)


Those Veiny hands
symbols how hard life was.
This angelic face
With wrinkles like Accolades
You earned my dear
times I’m broken
your warm touch heals my soul.
Comfort my troubled self
And that enchanting smile.
Brightens My gloomy days
Mother , for give my letters.
They bow in shame
Your bigger than language.
I sound so lame.
How can i describe a creature.
That big
you’re the source of my.
Knowledge of everything I know
Your my backbone
Without you I’m more than crippled
I pray that. You live for ever
I need your breath to breath
I need your eyes to see.
I need you to be in this world.
heaven we dream and imagine.
All it takes is one look at you.
And I’m shore I’m already there
Your my heaven
Thanks god you are

By Zara H. Mosa , © 2013, All rights reserved.