once upon a parent

Image  parenting is never an easy task , we may pretend  to know all about it but we don’t , yet that doesn’t give the parent the right to be careless in their decisions which in every way will effect their kids .

for years i have seen parents ruin the children lives in a moment of selfishness or anger thinking that it has nothing to to with those children . putting them in the line of fire expecting them to survive the ordeal, i’m not accusing all parents sure there is good parents and bad ones.

to the bad ones i direct my question , how could you ignore the fact that what you decide today will build or demolish your son’s life in the future.how do you feel when your kid go through life broken and confuse as why i’m not like the other kids with caring parents ?

if you choose to life for your self don’t bring kids to life that resembles  hell .don’t bring another homeless child or another thief or another disturbed soul .

i’m not putting statistics they are numbers and believe me its less than real ones . i feel very upset seeing a 30 years old man broken no id no job no education no life just because his father diced to flee and the mother  jumped in another man arms. i will never understand such behavior .

i know an emotional post it may be irrational but i had to get it out of my chest so i can breath .