Two Sided blade

One of life”s most cruel arrangements , when it throws two kind hearts in your way , both beat with love and affection, and you just can’t comprehend why this is happening while all you’ve ever wanted is one single honest heart, yet life put you in such a predicament . Moreover what ever you do you will hurt and hurt someone with no pre- intention.

A game of who will be winner and who would be broken into million pieces, one can assume that’s a bless , but it’s far from it , it’s like a knife with two sided blade, it cuts either way. Keeping the two is a lie it only ends with a horrific mess , giving up the two could mean losing a chance to be with a soulmate and be happy a chance might not cross your path again. Choosing between tow heavens never will be a fair trade , all of that entanglement is unjust but it’s part of our dear life treats for the unfortunate chosen one .

Sweet Man of The Moon


A murky morning
The sky is crying alongside a soul
Why breathing so painful, so cruel.
Should just stop dragging those breaths
And sink in endless obscurity
How to hold on to something that’s shriveling
Life hasn’t been fair.
Where Dreams dangles of a cliff
And happiness so dear.
Cold! All that’s there is cold.
Inside the cavity of bones,
Swirls a Storm of austerity.
Virulence embraces orchids
How can it bloom!
Soon, fields of hopefulness
Would burst into infernos
A bouquet of roses arrives
At that very moment
Signature: Sweet Man of The Moon
In black,
towering the pink clouds
Wrapped in white, how ironic.

We were warriors


We were warriors, still we are.
No horses no armors no swords
Chests unclad, enfold every thrust
Bulks were Temples of scars.

We were warriors, still we are
through mountains and oceans,
We’ve torn our path to grace.
life has bestowed us nothing”

We were warriors,still we are
Pain shall not be our enemy
Loss shall not be a burden
Struggles shall be salt and pepper.
Thus life shall not be so plain.

We were warriors, still we are.
born to fight and Concur,
Defeat arise,when well bow down
Our enemy nothing but our selves.