Two Sided blade

One of life”s most cruel arrangements , when it throws two kind hearts in your way , both beat with love and affection, and you just can’t comprehend why this is happening while all you’ve ever wanted is one single honest heart, yet life put you in such a predicament . Moreover what ever you do you will hurt and hurt someone with no pre- intention.

A game of who will be winner and who would be broken into million pieces, one can assume that’s a bless , but it’s far from it , it’s like a knife with two sided blade, it cuts either way. Keeping the two is a lie it only ends with a horrific mess , giving up the two could mean losing a chance to be with a soulmate and be happy a chance might not cross your path again. Choosing between tow heavens never will be a fair trade , all of that entanglement is unjust but it’s part of our dear life treats for the unfortunate chosen one .

Hell or Heaven

In the hectic pace of life, we tend to forget how close death is. It’s right there lurking in the shadows, waiting for the right moment to snatch us away, from our lives and our loved ones, we don’t know where we will end up Hell or Heaven, we just wish for god’s mercy and that he will forgive us for all what we have done in our lives.

It’s a fascinating truth how god made death a mystery, it can strike any time anywhere, some people travel to the other side of the glob just to meet their final moment. It can happen so fast and sudden or it could take a long agonizing process. It depends on what written for us. All is fate and fate chooses how, where, and when.

Yesterday, I have had a moment ,where I thought I’m going to die, I couldn’t breathe and the only thought in my mind at that time was, did I do good in my life, that if I died right now I would go to Heaven ? , have I been righteous in my 35 years on this earth , have I treated my mother the way she deserves , was I a good friend ,and a caring sister, have I paid my loans, have I been a responsible person . So many thoughts in just that split second, but hence I’m writing this post now I’m still alive thanks god.

Funny how we keep running and hustling every day to get something maybe it’s not meant for us and when disappointment takes a toll on our souls , we think god doesn’t love us, or he favored another human being over us, we don’t realize how wrong we were until illness, or misfortune happens .

Being alive is the greatest bliss we will ever have, hence dead people don’t have second chances or a choice, but we do, and we should take advantage of it, are we sure of what are we going to face in after life? No, we are not sure, but the thing we should keep in mind is, life is a passage it doesn’t matter where to, because debating in that is useless, but working for it is not. Let us consider it as a field what we plant we harvest, so let’s plant it with good deeds to harvest peace and grace

Simple Equation


We lay our heads on our pillows
Dreams tower like mighty mountains ,
until we feel so small,
And despite the provocation that may cause, we can’t avoid the feeling of haplessness,
at night all Demons break free inflaming sleep with nightmares,
and the endless questions that slams each cell in our brains like angry waves.
All that ,while we lie there open to all attacks.
we try to forget about our defeats through the day , the unfinished tasks , the wrong turns that we know deep inside have dragged us away from our destination.
We open our sore eyes in the morning, hoping to rewrite yesterday, but yesterday has a full stop. You can add ,but we can’t edit it would be a lie and if we Los our selves to it we will not step into the future while we still captives in the past simple equation to deal with the present;

Jump, Walk, Run

We clash with reality all the time
Not because this the way it should
But , because we tend to jump,
while we should walk,
Or set where we should run for it.
We mistranslate it
So it beat us to the point of breakage.
We need a better way to communicate with our reality.

Morning Silly Rant


I woke up this morning with a grumpy mood, but ironically I was thinking to write a positive post that’s full of rosy words and rainbows. What a lie!!

Sometimes I think my hands are more realistic than my head, hence it refused to follow what I wanted, and stuck to the truth, however I’m still going to inject my positivity by force if I have to ,the world doesn’t need additional negativity, but how do I make my stubborn body follow my stubborn mind, this is to much stubbornness for my liking, I begin to realize I’m a slave of my own ideas and my ideas are slaves of my body which is slavery within my entity therefore I have no control over me, damn that’s a lot to discover early morning.

Dose that even make sense 😳 !!
Anyway, I’m allowed to be silly and rant about something at least once in a while, and that’s some sort of positivity, at the end you get to let those rocks drop in the pond and steer what’s beneath, hopefully meaningful things.



Today I revised an e-mail with a video and a very capturing title , so un like me I rushed to open the video and watched it with anticipation
The answer was amusing
Alsharwai said 😦 God put so much pleaser in sex to maintain the human reproduction) .
so If we look at the responsibilities that comes after sex it’s very huge , the mother will go through all of those pains and life threatening (sometimes) diseases or complications, some woman even die while giving birth . not to mention the financial burdens ,the emotional aches and raising the kids , school , collage , bills …. etc .
Both parent will be under ENORMOUS presser but yet they go back to do it again without regrets DREVEN by that fascinating need to the other half , and god didn’t just fill it with pleasure , also give it the essence of completion , you , me , then we feel whole and content after having sex especially with a loved one
If that instinct was not tied to that MIND clouding pleasure would people still go back to it facing all that amount of obligations ?! I asked myself this , I found that idea very convincing as human we run from pain we don’t like to be cut in half and sutured again unless we have some sort of gain sex is the most powerful need for humans and even animals .
It might be right or even wrong , what do you think

Face planted in dirt


Taking the next step the real step that makes all the deference in your life is a very tricky thing often it comes after many unsuccessful steps , it might sound lame but tripping is not a shame the things that you don’t see while you’er standing you might notice them when your face planted in dirt ,

Sometimes it’s just our ego that blind us not to be coherent , I have tripped a lot in my life and I will do so in the future that’s a fact I keep in mind , and to dust that dirt away I keep my hopes and consistency uploaded . It’s not an easy thing to do but I try , failing with out trying is misery because you’ll always wonder what if .. ?! .Those what IFs are bone breakers ,butter not to have them a head , they really suck out any energy you have left , at least this is the way I felt at one point. When all doors are closed , people had turned their backs on you , your broke and nearly homeless , at this very moment all demons pop in your face and you start looking for an easy way out or you will be consumed by self pity . Somewhere in that dilemma a life flipping idea could pop and every thing takes another turn , you will discover something very important , that’s YOU , your self your tolerance level , your intelligence , your morals , your faith , your loyalty to your self first .
in my opinion bad times like cocoons try to leave that cocoon as a beautiful butterfly not a bat . Do you see the deference ?!

A look over the shoulder


Few things in my life has fascinated and disturbed me
* when a person is nice and quite . People tend to step on hem/her assuming one of two things either this person is a nurd or a weasel , even if there is nothing indicates that .
* if a person being true, honest and straight forward , people Stain them as rude and ruthless .
* poor people in the eyes of community are black Sheep’s ,thugs and thief’s .
* rich people in the eyes of community are reliable , Nobel , intelligent , educated (even if they can’t defer between ten and pen )
* women are the source of all evil even if the poor thing still in diapers
* men are victims even if blood drops from there fingers .
* religion became a politic game.
* in all the world we use gods words when they serve our needs or goals
* charity isn’t a righteous deed no more , but a ticket to a privet get or a Curtain to blind a dirty closet .
and I ask my self how much worse its going to get why do we Stigmatize every thing , mask every thing , ruin every thing in our haste to the summit to end up deep in a swamp , yes we so called the superior creatures on earth but what have we done with such power after thinking ,in my opinion nothing to be proud of . we might have achieved some but we have destroyed more including our selves , how can we improve and become the grate being we suppose to be ?!, I really don’t know although its a mater of discussion on each philosophic table
Until we find the answer our fate side keeps on weathering .

Think different …. Quote


(Our fate changes as our way of thinking change and we become what we want only when our way of thinking and actions come to mach with our desires)
by Adrizon Maurder .

Is fate really tied to our way of thinking ? . I don’t know if it’s true but i find the idea very fascinating , somehow our minds have this unique ability to make the change i believe in the right way and the right effective tools .Thinking alone is not enough its like having eye glasses with no ears.
feel free to share your thoughts .