Stubborn pride


You’ll never feel my pain
You’ll never hear my cry
I’ll curl in my cave and lie
Waiting for death to take over
This enormous rip in my heart.
Will never heal.
Don’t throw salt in my open wound!
Just go.
Take it with you
I don’t need them no more
Take the laughs hence it hurt so much.
Take music hence all I hear,
Is sorrow
Take our memories,
I can’t inhale this illusion
We are over, our story is a miscarriage
It’s hard to hold on to you
You’re so perfect for me
It seems unfair, I’m not good enough.
I’ll never be
This feeling of unworthiness
Is ripping me apart
This much I love you
This much I care
I want you with all of my being
But still, I’m not good enough
I know you said you don’t care.
You just want us close
But how can I over come
My stubborn Pride
I’m wounded my love in every possible way
I’m wounded with or without you
Didn’t I say, you I’ll never feel my pain
You’ll never hear me cry
I’ll just lie in a puddle of grieve
And hopefully die
This pain…This pain is too much to bare

By Zara H. Mosa , © 2013, All rights reserved.


Remember when we used to run around barefoot .
Remember when you used to steal my lunch box .
Remember when you used to pick on me and call me names .
How many times I cried because of you.
How many times I felt miserable
After you through a tomato at me.
That was our history full of action
Today every time I look at my hand and see the middle finger i smile .
Each time you embrace me I smile
How different the ending is
Now I can see that was your way to tell me how much you care.

A signature of a broken heart


Oooh, sore hearts can’t function.
Keeps on choking on its own beats.
How could one single glance cause all this pain.
Even rips cage failed to stand against that arrow
God it went right through
Ripping every vein in the way
That’s a signature of a broken heart