I think I hate Valentine’s Day


“I think I hate Valentine’s Day”
Seriously, It’s like a 90 years old women having a face left 😳

Why do we need one day, out of 365
Days to celebrate our feelings, and revive something have been ignored for 364 days .

What I hate is those forced awkward moments, where women put life on hold for a box of chocolate and a bouquet of roses that will end up in the trash.

And men, I really feel sorry for them
You see there is three kinds of them in that day;
The hopeless romantic type of a guy ,who ironically paired with a workaholic cold women, who doesn’t give a damn about Valentine’s Day

The road runners : those who chase broken hearted women, and console them in hope to get a piece of that meat with no drop of sympathy, because they don’t even know what’s the big deal about Valentine , it’s just an opportunity to get lied

The third type : watermelon guy, sweet, but lives on another planet

Don’t get me wrong , celebrating LOVE is AMAZING , but why do we need ONE day, why not live it every day !?
Of course the majority of the glob population are not that lucky , including myself 😊 , but we can try

I think valentine is really dangerous because it can brake relationships and shatter homes, WHY ?!

Because , women’s expectations are up to the roof , but men have no clue
At the end they will be disappointed
, and men will be angry. so much for a celebration.

You know, the funny thing is some amazing person has sent me 2 boxes of chocolate and roses, maybe I got lucky for a change