Hell or Heaven

In the hectic pace of life, we tend to forget how close death is. It’s right there lurking in the shadows, waiting for the right moment to snatch us away, from our lives and our loved ones, we don’t know where we will end up Hell or Heaven, we just wish for god’s mercy and that he will forgive us for all what we have done in our lives.

It’s a fascinating truth how god made death a mystery, it can strike any time anywhere, some people travel to the other side of the glob just to meet their final moment. It can happen so fast and sudden or it could take a long agonizing process. It depends on what written for us. All is fate and fate chooses how, where, and when.

Yesterday, I have had a moment ,where I thought I’m going to die, I couldn’t breathe and the only thought in my mind at that time was, did I do good in my life, that if I died right now I would go to Heaven ? , have I been righteous in my 35 years on this earth , have I treated my mother the way she deserves , was I a good friend ,and a caring sister, have I paid my loans, have I been a responsible person . So many thoughts in just that split second, but hence I’m writing this post now I’m still alive thanks god.

Funny how we keep running and hustling every day to get something maybe it’s not meant for us and when disappointment takes a toll on our souls , we think god doesn’t love us, or he favored another human being over us, we don’t realize how wrong we were until illness, or misfortune happens .

Being alive is the greatest bliss we will ever have, hence dead people don’t have second chances or a choice, but we do, and we should take advantage of it, are we sure of what are we going to face in after life? No, we are not sure, but the thing we should keep in mind is, life is a passage it doesn’t matter where to, because debating in that is useless, but working for it is not. Let us consider it as a field what we plant we harvest, so let’s plant it with good deeds to harvest peace and grace



Today I revised an e-mail with a video and a very capturing title , so un like me I rushed to open the video and watched it with anticipation
The answer was amusing
Alsharwai said 😦 God put so much pleaser in sex to maintain the human reproduction) .
so If we look at the responsibilities that comes after sex it’s very huge , the mother will go through all of those pains and life threatening (sometimes) diseases or complications, some woman even die while giving birth . not to mention the financial burdens ,the emotional aches and raising the kids , school , collage , bills …. etc .
Both parent will be under ENORMOUS presser but yet they go back to do it again without regrets DREVEN by that fascinating need to the other half , and god didn’t just fill it with pleasure , also give it the essence of completion , you , me , then we feel whole and content after having sex especially with a loved one
If that instinct was not tied to that MIND clouding pleasure would people still go back to it facing all that amount of obligations ?! I asked myself this , I found that idea very convincing as human we run from pain we don’t like to be cut in half and sutured again unless we have some sort of gain sex is the most powerful need for humans and even animals .
It might be right or even wrong , what do you think