Two Sided blade

One of life”s most cruel arrangements , when it throws two kind hearts in your way , both beat with love and affection, and you just can’t comprehend why this is happening while all you’ve ever wanted is one single honest heart, yet life put you in such a predicament . Moreover what ever you do you will hurt and hurt someone with no pre- intention.

A game of who will be winner and who would be broken into million pieces, one can assume that’s a bless , but it’s far from it , it’s like a knife with two sided blade, it cuts either way. Keeping the two is a lie it only ends with a horrific mess , giving up the two could mean losing a chance to be with a soulmate and be happy a chance might not cross your path again. Choosing between tow heavens never will be a fair trade , all of that entanglement is unjust but it’s part of our dear life treats for the unfortunate chosen one .



Give me one reason why I can’t cry you out of my heart .
Give me one reason why you’er rooted in my soul .
Give me one reason why I act foolish when ever you’er around
Why I stumble on my words.
Why blush like crazy when you look my way
I know that smile was not for me. But yet I hope
Give me one reason why I wait at the corner each night,
to watch you leave with another she.
standing like a naked tree. In a rainy winter
Bare from all my senses
Give me one reason. Why i can’t escape this ?!
Why I can’t turn my back without
Feeling suffocated . Your not mine I know.
How unfair it is to be yours beyond my will.
With reason or out of reason. I can’t break through
This feeble heart of mine, has sold me out .
I’m bonded to you , one sided bond.
One !! I’ll always be one

Child Of My Heart


what ever you do. 
where ever you go . 
keep that connection between us alive . 
moments becomes so hallow 
seconds feels like years . 
and every giggle I force hits my heart like knives 
I have no life with out your whispers 
my being is tied to yours 
small words you say 
little laughs you spread. 
either it make me rise 
or it turns me dead 
baby be careful. 
letters do hold a kill 
your far oh god your far. 
by distance that’s all 
and it hurts like hell 
hear in this space so small 
I carry you as a child of my heart. 
you think you walk on earth 
how wrong you are. 
if you just take a look at my chest. 
you’ll see the scars 
so please think of me. 
when you hit the ground 
make those steps turn around. whispers,