Two Sided blade

One of life”s most cruel arrangements , when it throws two kind hearts in your way , both beat with love and affection, and you just can’t comprehend why this is happening while all you’ve ever wanted is one single honest heart, yet life put you in such a predicament . Moreover what ever you do you will hurt and hurt someone with no pre- intention.

A game of who will be winner and who would be broken into million pieces, one can assume that’s a bless , but it’s far from it , it’s like a knife with two sided blade, it cuts either way. Keeping the two is a lie it only ends with a horrific mess , giving up the two could mean losing a chance to be with a soulmate and be happy a chance might not cross your path again. Choosing between tow heavens never will be a fair trade , all of that entanglement is unjust but it’s part of our dear life treats for the unfortunate chosen one .

Hell or Heaven

In the hectic pace of life, we tend to forget how close death is. It’s right there lurking in the shadows, waiting for the right moment to snatch us away, from our lives and our loved ones, we don’t know where we will end up Hell or Heaven, we just wish for god’s mercy and that he will forgive us for all what we have done in our lives.

It’s a fascinating truth how god made death a mystery, it can strike any time anywhere, some people travel to the other side of the glob just to meet their final moment. It can happen so fast and sudden or it could take a long agonizing process. It depends on what written for us. All is fate and fate chooses how, where, and when.

Yesterday, I have had a moment ,where I thought I’m going to die, I couldn’t breathe and the only thought in my mind at that time was, did I do good in my life, that if I died right now I would go to Heaven ? , have I been righteous in my 35 years on this earth , have I treated my mother the way she deserves , was I a good friend ,and a caring sister, have I paid my loans, have I been a responsible person . So many thoughts in just that split second, but hence I’m writing this post now I’m still alive thanks god.

Funny how we keep running and hustling every day to get something maybe it’s not meant for us and when disappointment takes a toll on our souls , we think god doesn’t love us, or he favored another human being over us, we don’t realize how wrong we were until illness, or misfortune happens .

Being alive is the greatest bliss we will ever have, hence dead people don’t have second chances or a choice, but we do, and we should take advantage of it, are we sure of what are we going to face in after life? No, we are not sure, but the thing we should keep in mind is, life is a passage it doesn’t matter where to, because debating in that is useless, but working for it is not. Let us consider it as a field what we plant we harvest, so let’s plant it with good deeds to harvest peace and grace

Jump, Walk, Run

We clash with reality all the time
Not because this the way it should
But , because we tend to jump,
while we should walk,
Or set where we should run for it.
We mistranslate it
So it beat us to the point of breakage.
We need a better way to communicate with our reality.

We were warriors


We were warriors, still we are.
No horses no armors no swords
Chests unclad, enfold every thrust
Bulks were Temples of scars.

We were warriors, still we are
through mountains and oceans,
We’ve torn our path to grace.
life has bestowed us nothing”

We were warriors,still we are
Pain shall not be our enemy
Loss shall not be a burden
Struggles shall be salt and pepper.
Thus life shall not be so plain.

We were warriors, still we are.
born to fight and Concur,
Defeat arise,when well bow down
Our enemy nothing but our selves.

A look over the shoulder


Few things in my life has fascinated and disturbed me
* when a person is nice and quite . People tend to step on hem/her assuming one of two things either this person is a nurd or a weasel , even if there is nothing indicates that .
* if a person being true, honest and straight forward , people Stain them as rude and ruthless .
* poor people in the eyes of community are black Sheep’s ,thugs and thief’s .
* rich people in the eyes of community are reliable , Nobel , intelligent , educated (even if they can’t defer between ten and pen )
* women are the source of all evil even if the poor thing still in diapers
* men are victims even if blood drops from there fingers .
* religion became a politic game.
* in all the world we use gods words when they serve our needs or goals
* charity isn’t a righteous deed no more , but a ticket to a privet get or a Curtain to blind a dirty closet .
and I ask my self how much worse its going to get why do we Stigmatize every thing , mask every thing , ruin every thing in our haste to the summit to end up deep in a swamp , yes we so called the superior creatures on earth but what have we done with such power after thinking ,in my opinion nothing to be proud of . we might have achieved some but we have destroyed more including our selves , how can we improve and become the grate being we suppose to be ?!, I really don’t know although its a mater of discussion on each philosophic table
Until we find the answer our fate side keeps on weathering .





When we  don’t care no  more  
when we  don’t  dare to complain  
When wounds don’t hurt nor sore 
When we mock on pain. 
Numbness Consumes us. 
While souls floats in a bubble  
Life passes in slow motion  
Till it stops 
the bubble explodes  
We shatter like ash  
Hungry to feel, we try. 
Wings splits like strews. 
Unable to squeeze a cry. 
Small protest crash  
No bubble no wings no tears. 
Nothing but shadows swirl
from side to side 

Plant theory

A friend of mine is looking for prince charming a man who’s decent , caring, understanding, Nobel , strong , clean , educated, and romantic .
I think all of us women are looking for this miracle guy but dreaming is one thing and reality is another , Why ?! Well dreams are just dreams there is no such complete person like that we are human beings not suppose to be perfect that would be annoying but we could be at our best as much as we try .
Mostly what the woman lack her partner completes (just like salt and pepper ) and if we come to common sense we all have our weaknesses and unwanted habits or behaviors Men or women .
Someone may ask if that’s so why do women still look for the impossible ?! Well us women are sentimental creatures we like warmth and details ( please men pay attention to details ) more so we need emotions .
An old women once said if men treated women like plants their would be no problems at all plain and simple Prepare ,Water , protect, care, then harvest ( do you think she’s right ?!) so as much as you look at her simply no need to think about her as a mathematical equation you man will have her figured-out your life will be easy and she will be happy.
Now i don’t know about that old woman but I think this generation is more complicated than the plant theory . And the battle of Adam and Eve still standing

Grate expectations

Waking every morning going to work with enthusiasm and happy mood is not always possible specially when you’er totally down . All of us have our own expectations it doesn’t have to be so high to feel disappointed if its not fulfilled .
We spend have of our time if not more in our workplace more than we spend at home ,the least thing the staff wish for is support and accreditation for the hard work .
I think I’m living this moment of disappointment today I hope it will not effect me for long

Rebellious letters

When I was young I had this urge to write , just simple words I wrote my first story when I was in intermediate level I named it ” The Last Breath ” , It was very easy to write I had my main idea so a built all the story a round it and I won the contest it was the brightest moment in my life . And I knew me and my pen will be best friends .
As I grew up poetry become a passion I really love short poems i enjoy scattering my feelings on paper I wasn’t good with techniques but I wrote from my heart and that all i need in my opinion a good poem is that one which reaches the reader don’t get me wrong techniques and styles are important but originality is a must to have factor . So writing become a daily mission , and sometimes an escape path . I developed a lot not as much as i wish but still happy how far I came . For those people out there who thinks their words ain’t worth it don’t degree your work writing is a gift share it with someone you trust then share it with the world it’s the voice if humanity each time you craft a line you record a history and history deserve to be told .