Sweet- Acrid Memories

Sweet- Acrid Memories

No fairy-tales”
Knowing from first breakage..
Healing is an act of courage”
can’t gather shattered glass
a shapeless piece of heart,
Bitter inertial mass
Love an invading force,
never leave us the same.
In the brightest moments.
Or darkest tides”
Love unavoidable cloud
All destined to ride.
All destined to fall from.
Only to be engulfed by-
Deformed sweet- acrid memories”

Dentist clinic


Sitting in a dentist clinic.
With an old magazine upside down
I never read that magazine.
People were groaning
Children crying
Nurses calling names
of unknown Persons
I didn’t really care
My eyes were glued to the stained glass window
And I was up on the clouds .
Like I was in a vertical world.
You were there staring at me
With a heart braking look
I was melting like a pice of butter in a summers noon
But something was not right
Are those tears in your eyes ?
You didn’t brake eye contact.
Till you reached my seat.
Kneeling in front of me
Forgive me,you said
For what?! I stuttered
Simply you engulfed my frame.
Like I was going to disappear
Again forgive me,you said
I stood still
I love you more than I can take
I love you even before we were born.
I came to this life with you in my heart.

couldn’t form a word.
I just tried my best not to faint.
And deep inside I knew that was
You saying goodbye
But why
Are you going ?!
came in a whisper
Yes, you said
Now I questioned ?!
Tears running like rivers on my cheeks.
Yes, you said ,un able to keep away
You squashed me so tight ,was shaking with painful sobb
I know you had no choice.
Neither did I
I’m coming back !!
You promised.
And I believed you.
You kissed me more time
Like your life depends on it.
We were breathing so hard
Not out of lust
but fear , pain And agony
I didn’t want to let you go but I had to
Your captin was waiting.
I watched you
through that glass.
You placed your hand
I placed mine.
Four years has passed since then
Every day I pass by the dentist clinic.
And stare to that window glass.
I kiss that place that once was blissed with your mark
People look at me and laugh.
Thinking how crazy I must be
Yes I was , I am , and I will be.
You took my sanity with you
And I can’t bare this world alone
So torn.
Even breathing hurts
Yet today just another day.
I came to pay my respect
To this place that witnessed our very last moment.
Before you left to war
You never came back.
I never never came back .

My Heaven( to all mothers in the world)


Those Veiny hands
symbols how hard life was.
This angelic face
With wrinkles like Accolades
You earned my dear
times I’m broken
your warm touch heals my soul.
Comfort my troubled self
And that enchanting smile.
Brightens My gloomy days
Mother , for give my letters.
They bow in shame
Your bigger than language.
I sound so lame.
How can i describe a creature.
That big
you’re the source of my.
Knowledge of everything I know
Your my backbone
Without you I’m more than crippled
I pray that. You live for ever
I need your breath to breath
I need your eyes to see.
I need you to be in this world.
heaven we dream and imagine.
All it takes is one look at you.
And I’m shore I’m already there
Your my heaven
Thanks god you are

By Zara H. Mosa , © 2013, All rights reserved.